We've Been Busy Doing Great Things

The New Mexico Direct Caregivers Coalition (NMDCC) has become the voice for enhancing and promoting their professionalism and image of the field. See what others are saying about us.

"This is a terrific notice and service from NMDCC. I have used it to write twice to Governor Martinez, once to ask her to extend Medicare and now to thank her for it. I would not have done this without the NMDCC notice. Officials consider one email to equal several opinions many times over. Thanks." Rick Bela

"What's important is quality care. It is what I wanted with my mother, and less would never be good enough." Sharon Burridge

"It is awesome and inspiring to watch the Coalition grow and flourish!" Janelle Fosler

"NMDCC gave me the information I had been searching for! Such a great service! Would recommend to anyone looking for a caregiver." Pam Mahowski

"Great resource if you're looking for caregivers or if you are a caregiver. I was able to easily search of caregivers in the area and choose the one I liked." Phyllis Williams

"The knowledge of the presenters was really top-notch. These are people I would likely just pass on the street and may hardly notice. Their experience was extensive; they conveyed their experience and new information exceptionally well." Michael Stewart

"The communication skills segment and dealing with difficult clients was especially helpful to me." Patricia Guthrie

"I’ve made every mistake there is to make with my elderly parents. So I’m here to learn what it is I can do better." Sandra Duran-Poole

"I’ve learned through this training I must FIRST take good care of myself!" Veronica Bustamante

"I am impressed that good caregiving is as much an art as science and that these skills can be learned." Michael Stewart

"Thank you for the excellent training that was provided. I felt the weekend was invaluable. I look forward to any other training in the future that would benefit my caregiving." Glenna Togo

"I really appreciate everything you're doing, and am so happy I had the luck to find this organization." Calliope Shank

"One of the reasons I joined the board was to help create an association that works for everyone, not only the paid care giver but the volunteer care giver, the person receiving care and the family members. No one should feel alone. Everyone should be able to live the fullest life possible." Ray Benton, Benton Company.  Read an interview with Ray here.

“Awesome website and happy that you are providing training.”  Ray Gonzales, Sandoval County Senior Program

“It makes me happy when my work helps a good cause and I think NMDCC is one of the best.”  Melissa Morrow

“NMDCC’s role in bringing awareness to and recognizing the benefits of supporting caregivers in training and certification will provide better opportunities for this growing field. New Mexico and the NMDCC can be a model in the country for this growing occupation.”  Meriam Jawhar


What our Listening Session Attendees had to Say

“I appreciated that there were more caregivers-like me-at the session in Las Vegas who were so concerned about direct care wages and benefits.”
A. Brandt, Santa Fe and Las Vegas Attendee

“I really loved the turnout in Santa Fe and the depth of discussion there. But I was really moved by what I heard from caregivers as workers in Las Vegas.”
Executive Director, Interfaith Worker Justice–New Mexico

“It was a very helpful workshop and I enjoyed networking opportunities offered. My mom felt comfortable and glad to be there too. It was a great opportunity for her and me both!”
R. Reynolds, Attendee

“We don’t get paid by my agency when to travel from one client to the next. That’s not fair and I want to change that.”
J. Martinez, Attendee

“We need to protect our loved ones from abuse by caregivers, too. Sometimes caregivers don’t have the right training but sometimes they aren’t the right kind of person who ought to be caregivers.” Maya, Las Cruces Attendee

“We need to keep people who need care out of nursing homes and cared for in their own communities.” Santa Fe Attendee

“The most important issue at the listening session that I attend was the issue over wages.” R. Benton, Las Vegas Attendee

“I was impressed with the level of caring and involvement the caregivers have for their clients. I was also surprised at how poorly caregivers are compensated and how badly [some] who work for agencies are manipulated by employers.” J. Gorman, Santa Fe and Las Vegas Attendee